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New OGS Super-Castings: The Finest Quality Ever!

Boogie Brew has had the incredible fortune of discovering the true mother-lode of California-castings. Unlike other vermi-farming operations where we haven’t ever been allowed access, (to really see what kind of environment the worms get to live in), OGS are proud of their magnificent and controlled facility. At the core of OGS biological solution product line are the happiest worms on earth, (millions of them), fed a controlled proprietary diet. The end result is OGS: Organic Solution Premium Worm Castings, a beautiful hummus-material that contains high saturations of nutrients. One of the biggest problems with creating a truly superior vermicompost is providing your Wormployees with an honest diet; one that starts with the cleanest, composted free-range horse manures and DOESN’T contain any landfill-products like plastic-coated cardboard, wood-scraps containing old paint / lead & heavy-metal filled residues or crumby post-consumer vegetable waste. OGS found a great way to rectify that problem by feeding their worms ONLY pre-consumer vegetable waste. Along with COCOPEAT (Coir Fiber), shrimp / crustacean sea-creature shells, (high chitin-content and tested for zero-radiation), they also add exotic inputs like soluble humates, kelp extracts and even Boogie’s very own CBD Minerals! Apparently, the worms dig our Micronized Basalt, (Vintage Stone Flour), more than Azomite or any other rock-dust input! In addition OGS is also now making use of insect frass / beetle-larvae, (per Boogie’s own request!), as yet another valuable food source to be incorporated into their unparalleled diet. Out of landfill-sources, and into making the best soil around. The smart choice.

Just figure the expense that you would have to go to in order to provide the sorts of quality vermi-feeds sourced by Organic Solutions….then stop and consider that such an ultra-clean diet is only the BEGINNING of the methodology employed by OGS which they have perfected while pursuing the creation of the ultimate casting: Of greater importance yet, is the HOME that they have constructed for their worms; a relentless pursuit in the building of an ideal, ‘creature comfort’-oriented & tightly-controlled living-environment that, while highly productive, is both modular and easy to service.

We KNEW as soon as we visited the sublime OGS facility that we had stumbled onto true Vermi-Greatness….Almost like arriving in a perfect humidor of soil-biology!..Sure enough, upon testing their phenomenal-quality castings for ourselves, (in both our tea and as a scratch-in top-dressing in John Kohler’s own food-garden), these superior castings have revealed themselves to be a real eye-opener…..the quality is just so unbelievably rich! Further investigation revealed that these castings have tested INSANELY HIGH BACTERIAL-BIOLOGY READINGS at Oregon’s SFI Food-Web labs. Boogie didn’t need a microscope or some fancy lab-charts to reveal the vermi-goodness that we could see and smell with our own eyes and noses: We just couldn’t wait to start alpha-testing these castings ourselves, and sure enough, they out-perform anything else on the market right now! Just try these bad-ass castings yourself, they are practically OOZING with bio-matter and will take any tea recipe to new levels of greatness!

Organic Solutions are OBSESSED with crafting the FINEST EVER Worm Castings: They even went to the point of  hand-picking the perfect geographical locale, (Camarillo, CA – where temps are consistently never colder than 50 degrees or hotter than 80).  They deliberately DOWNSIZED their already technically-sophisticated vermi-composting operation from greenhouses to a climate-controlled warehouse location, so as to further improve the worms’ home into a beautifully serene & world-class living environment. In this peaceful and copacetic state of perfect homeostasis, the worms can truly thrive and focus 100% of their energy towards the creation of a super-quality Vermi-Compost that is rich in trace minerals and microbial inoculum, producing a powerhouse blend which is absolutely LOADED with biology as well as rich doses of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.

This dark, rich, odor-free amendment cleanses the soil of harmful toxins, fungi and bacteria, which inhibits root disease while promoting deeper roots that retain soil moisture and a vibrant microbial life in the rhizosphere. A  truly superior casting, which will positively charge your soil with new life and give your plants a mega-dose of beneficial biology.

OGS Solutions are biological, promoting a naturally balanced organic chemistry, rather than a synthetic one. Their incredible-quality castings are CDFA OIM Registered Organic and contain zero detectable levels of heavy metals or other contaminants found in lesser-castings which are typically fed diets containing inferior land-fill & waste-stream sourced ingredients.


 OGS Castings: Here’s the Organic Solution.
OGS Castings Raw Smoke Vignette.jpg

sack-castings150• Vastly improve soil structure.
• Reduce irrigation cost up to 50% by retaining moisture in the soil.
• Promote beneficial microbial activity that result in healthier plants.
• Reduce the carbon in the soil and increase the nitrogen levels.
• OGS Castings are completely safe to use around children and pets.

• Will never burn plants, unlike animal manures or fertilizers.
• Helps draw out toxins, harmful bacteria and fungi from the soil.
• OGS Castings help neutralize pH levels.
• Nutrients found in OGS Castings last 6 times longer than nutrients in potting soil.
• Earthworms act as a natural filter, filtering out impurities, chemicals, etc.
• A perfect soil conditioner with naturally balanced levels of minerals & nutrients.




INSTRUCTIONS#1 Way to apply OGS Castings:

  • Boost your compost tea with an extra cup of OGS Castings for each 5 gallons of tea. (Super economical & efficient application!)
  • Spray Vermi/Boogie tea combo across entire lawn & garden with a hose-end sprayer at 8oz/gallon. Apply weekly.
  • Use the SHOWER setting and the strongest setting allowed on your hose-end sprayer, (usually 8oz/gallon)
  • Thoroughly drench both soil & foliage with this PROBIOTIC SHOWER! Use de-chlorinated water & apply in evening or early AM hours

General Application and Top-Dressing Rates:

    • 10-20% Pot Mix
    • One (1) inch layer over root zone with 1” layer of compost
    • Every six (6) months (¼ ” layer + ¼” layer Compost)
    • Trees 12 inch wide ring at drip line.

WormGold Plus Castings: Superb Chitin & Cellulose Degraders To Compliment OGS Biology

Worm Gold Plus

WORMGOLD® Plus quality worm castings are a great source of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium & more than 50 trace-elements.

WORMGOLD® Plus ultra-premium worm castings are produced by worms fed a specific diet rich in chitin, producing castings with an elevated level of recycling organisms called chitin degraders. Other worm castings produced from commercial factory-farmed animal manures have waste pathogens & pesticide residues. These feeds produce lower quantities of the important recycling engines; i.e degraders.

Worm Gold Plus worm castings are also supplemented with extra soil super-chargers in the form of fossilized kelp with additional colloidal rock dust.

Non-Toxic, No Chemicals,  Organic

  • 92% WORMGOLD® Pure Worm Castings
  • 3% Fossilized Kelp (to supply Calcium)
  • 5% Rock Mineral (to supply mineral balance)

Worm Gold Plus contains:

  • 200 million CFU Chitin Degraders
  • 400 million CFU Cellulose Degrader

Application: (Good for all plants)

  • 10-20% Pot Mix
  • One (1) inch layer over root zone with 1” layer of compost
  • Every six (6) months (¼ ” layer + ¼” layer Compost)
  • Trees 12 inch wide ring at drip line.
  • Boost your compost tea with an extra cup of WormGold for each 5 gallons of tea. (Super economical & effective application!)


All new Vermi-Combo Box: Give your garden a dual bio-gift of both these quality castings, intelligently packaged & delivered together in one value-packed box!

We created a better worm box: 

  • OGS’ Supreme bio-profile boosted with WGP’s excellent Chitin & Cellulose Degraders: A dynamic duo of horticultural-success.
  • Massively boost plants’ immune system with diverse populations of beneficial organisms from the best of both Worm-Worlds!
  • Dual worm-sources create an even healthier substrate and optimum growing environment. (Healthy plants have less problems).
  • Maximum bang for your worm-buck with Boogie’s repackaged 16 qt bags. (2 x 8 qts ea. OGS & WGP = 32 qts of Vermi-Excellence!)

OGS Bags Oval Pic


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