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Our all new Boogie Blue Basic represents a fantastic value in hose-mount water filters. Featuring excellent build-quality with a 100% Activated Carbon block filter membrane, (no KDF material), the Boogie Blue Basic is designed to capably perform up to a 15,000 gallon lifespan. While the lack of a KDF membrane does somewhat limit the Basic’s chloramine reduction capacities, it will still help tremendously in keeping your soil biology intact! The Activated-Carbon block possesses good all-around chemical-reduction properties and functions as a first-line defense against free chlorine and heavy metals.

Our Basic Filter can be used as a PRE-FILTER to greatly extend the life-expectancy of our Original Boogie Blue and other KDF-content filters. (KDF is tremendous at reducing gaseous-bound chlorine / chloramine).

It also functions as a handy all-around home and garden filter with very little maintenance required, (we still do recommend occasional back-flushing).

Basically, the Boogie Blue Basic is a quality and high-value unit that can be easily installed on any standard 3/4″ hose and will help you to ACHIEVE GARDENING EXCELLENCE!

Get BOTH the Boogie Blue Basic and the original Boogie Blue (kdf-containing) filter together for one low shipped price: Only $74.95 with two additional sample bags of BOOGIE BREW TEA! Combining both filters will help to significantly extend the life expectancy of your Boogie Blue!

The Boogie Blue and now the Boogie Blue Basic filters represent the BEST VALUE in hose-mount dechlorinators.

BUY COMBO PACK (boogie blue + boogie basic filter) with 1-LB sample tea, burlap

Chlorine and Chloramine compounds are used in most municipal water systems to destroy all active biology present in the water.  The use of an effective filter is required for watering an organic garden and especially for creating quality compost tea. 


After we began receiving repeated requests by our customers for a simple and effective de-chlorinating filter that was value-priced and easy-to-use, we decided to source a top quality water filter to offer to our customers for brewing Boogie Brew Tea. This was the original intended use of our now highly popular Boogie-Blue Water Filter. 

We researched a lot of water-filter companies before settling on one that would go the distance and not break the customer’s bank. We have been using one of these excellent water-filters ourselves for years of daily service and have yet to see it let us down: our tea remains fresh and alive from the “Boogie-Blue” Filter’s effective de-chlorinating abilities.

Remember, Compost Tea’s first enemy is the chlorine and chloramine compounds that are used in all municipal water systems as lethal sanitizing agents. While  sterilizing water may be necessary for ensuring the public’s health and safety, such sanitization also bodes death for your soil and will ruin any chances of brewing an effective batch of beneficial biology in your compost tea. Thus, the need for a garden-friendly in-line chlorine filter that can be easily threaded onto any hose outlet.

Our Boogie-Blue Filter will effectively scrub approximately 35,000 gallons of water of 99+% the chlorine and 87% of the chloramine compounds used in municipal water supplies. Using a sizable quantity of highly effective KDF 85 & KDF 55 copper/carbon based filtration membrane material, the Boogie Blue water filter will perform it’s specific duty of removing compost tea’s #1 enemy, chlorine, admirably. For most farmers, this means a year or more of service.

Save your soil’s biology cost-effectively with the practical and handy Boogie-Blue water filter! Literally dozens of uses around the home and garden. Buy two and keep one installed on your garden hose, while keeping another one handy for common chores like washing the car or even as a supplementary inline filter for a household drinking system.


Remember to continue using your Boogie-Blue water filter on ALL of your plant’s watering schedules, because you will once again begin to kill the life in your soil with unfiltered city water. That’s the life that you just infused into your soil with the application of compost tea! For many people, this is all too common a mistake that is easily made but, why bother brewing all that life in the first place only to then go and destroy those beneficial organisms with subsequent waterings of chlorinated water?


100% USA Made

Lasts from 35,000 to 45,000 gallons, depending on initial water hardness.


Boogie Blue Recycle Program: When your Boogie Blue Filter finally expires, (usually indicated by reduced flow characteristics), return used filter to our address and receive $5.00 USD credit certificate towards your new filter! (Restrictions apply: Filters with cracked/broken casings and unexpired filtration capacities cannot be accepted).


Boogie Blue FAQs:

Q: Is that chlorine filter similar to the hard water filter I use for my mister system?

A: As far as your question about the filter, it is not designed to “soften” water in the manner that a sodium treatment filter would. You must not use “water softener” filters on your agricultural water. The sodium and other “softening” salts will harm plants!Hydroponics demands that the base water have low ppm’s (parts-per-million) so as not to imbalance the absorption of the chemical salts in the hydroponic fertilizer. With a quality compost tea and mild soil-based organic feed systems, the bacteria in the tea and healthy soil substrate will produce enzymes which work to break down the salts, or hard mineral deposits, and
render them far less hazardous to your root system. Effectively the tea and its biology becomes the “water-softener” through nature’s bacterial action and breakdown of minerals.

Q: Is there a cheaper method of filtering? I am not planning on misting the brew but I have a filter on my misters that says it takes the calcium out of the water… can I create my own filter somehow?

A: Our Boogie Blue Filter will effectively scrub the chlorine and chloramine from your city water as well as other harmful elements like fluoride, mercury, DDT, and other chemicals which kill beneficial microbes, from all water that you apply to your plants. It is a chemical filter, not an inline reverse osmosis, (RO), filter.

Q: My well water has high sodium content, which is just terrible for my garden plants. Would the Boogie Blue garden hose filter help to neutralize a decent amount of the salt in my water?

A: That is a good question and the short answer is no, the boogie blue filter will not remove “salts”, (i.e. dissolved solids), from well water. It will only remove about 10 to 15% of a source water’s dissolved solids. The other 85% or so can easily be removed with an RO, (Reverse Osmosis) system. The Boogie Blue Filter’s specialty is effectively scrubbing chemicals such as chlorine and chloramine so that soil biology can thrive. In addition, other harmful elements such as mercury, pesticides and heavy metals are removed by the Boogie Blue’s KDF55/KDF85 filtration membrane.

These kinds of substances are all antagonistic to beneficial soil microorganisms and thus harmful to healthy soil biology. Before you invest in the expense of an RO system to lower your water’s sodium levels, try to use some Boogie Brew Tea on your plants. The enzymes secreted by the beneficial organisms in a quality compost tea can work wonders to ‘soften’ or neutralize the effects from excess salts. This is something we experienced ourselves when we lived in a rural region which was plagued with excess sodium levels in the ground water.

Plants which weren’t treated with tea suffered greatly and some even died from the “burn” they experienced. Those that were given a twice weekly dose of compost tea performed far better. Although we have no doubt that the quality of results would have been considerably better still had we used the luxury of a full blown RO water system, it was nonetheless nice to achieve gardening success with our low quality sodium rich water from regular applications of Boogie Brew.

From The Do’s and Don’ts of Brewing: This is #3!!!

“Don’t use chlorinated water!”

“Unfortunately chlorine and chloramine compounds are used in almost all municipal water systems and thus the use of an effective filter is required for creating quality compost tea. This is due to chlorine’s functional elimination of all bacteria, including the beneficial organisms that are alive and well in high quality compost, worm castings and other “live” amendments found in good tea recipes. Do continue to use de-chlorinated water on soil previously inoculated with live teas. Otherwise you will wipe out most of the beneficial biology you just introduced into your soil. You wouldn’t use antibiotics after cultivating acidophilus in the intestine from high quality yoghurt cultures, would you? Use similar principles with compost tea for soil-success!” (read more…)