The Trim Tray

The Trim Tray by Heavy Harvest

(Comes with magnifying glass / collection tool card.)

Product Details:

With The Trim Tray from Monster Gardens you get two useful products in one. Works excellent as a ultra-light laptop trimming surface and pollen sifting collection device.

The Trim Tray has the perfect design that gardeners have been looking for. A dual-use tool with a screen that will collect the pollen below while you trim your flowers on the tray’s surface.

Working upright can save you from the back pain associated with trimming in a poor posture. The way you trim will determine how much stress you put on your back. Trim upright with the Trimtray in your lap for best results.


TRIM TRAY PACKAGE 777X567 regular




Without Trim Tray


With Trim Tray

“Everything you need to trim your current harvest, plus grow your next one too!” Boogie Brew is proud to feature our exclusive ‘Trim Tray’ package deal: Why pay for shipping on the super handy Trim-Tray alone when you can order it bundled with a WHOLE BUNCH of awesome Boogie Products as well, and ALL at a phenomenal price to boot?

* The Heavy Harvest Trim Tray works excellent as a laptop trimming surface. Comfortable on your lap. Non-Slip. Non-Stick Base Pad. 150 micron screen standard with tray. Sift pollen off manicured flowers. Light-weight compact design. Magnifying card included with complete tray.

* Add in the incredibly practical Trim Tray and you have a deal that is simply too good to pass up!

* 3lb BOOGIE BREW PRO TEA (Quantity: 2)

* 2lb SEA-90 Sea Minerals (Quantity: 2)

* 2lb WORM GOLD PLUS castings (Quantity: 2)

* 2lb BOOGIE-FRASS Beetle Larvae Castings (Quantity: 1)

* 4oz PURE-PROTEIN Cod-Fish Hydrolysate (Quantity: 1)

* Trim Tray (optional)

TRIM TRAY | Laptop Trimming Surface