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‘Nature’s Pride Boogie-Blend’



Nature's Pride BoogieBlend FRONT Label


Add some serious horsepower to your soil-engine with our high-grade custom Top-Dressing. Uniquely formulated for Boogie by GreenGro for today’s new generation ‘No-Till’ bio-farmers who demand the BEST: Activate NP Boogie-Blend with some high-octane Boogie tea for mind-blowing results!


Nature’s Pride Boogie Blend optimizes your growing medium’s nutrient levels and promotes important thermal-decomposition processes in your garden’s root-zone – all while contributing to a stronger plant ecosystem & immune-profile.

Boost your soil’s natural ecological processes and give your plants an incredible nutrient-kick with our full-spectrum blend of plant foods & organic additives – all contained within Nature’s Pride Boogie Blend: Loaded with mycorrhizae, soy aminos & fermented biochar. Custom blended and hand-crafted in small batches by GreenGro for Boogie Brew, Nature’s Pride Boogie-Blend ranks as a truly world-class Top-Dressing!

The all-important mechanisms of decomposition within a plant’s critical rhizosphere, (root-zone), contribute greatly to the thermal-breakdown of foods while maximizing the release of enzymatic content in the soil-food-web. These enzymes are kick-started by a rich blend of nourishing-agents contained within our very own (custom-formulated) top-dressing: Nature’s Pride Boogie-Blend’s unique formula will help your plants to dance like never before! The ‘heat’ generated by this incredible product, in combination with regularly-applied compost-tea feedings, will seriously help to unleash any vegetative organism’s full genetic potential, all while offering gobs of easily-absorbed, both slow and fast-release (non-burning) micro & macro nutrients to your garden.

Want your plants to absolutely rage & stampede with lush vegetative growth and beautiful flowers? Then feed them Nature’s Pride Boogie Blend, a luxurious, powdered mix of high-grade, natural & organic amendments. Follow with regular doses of a high-octane tea like Boogie Brew to promote sure-fire microbial digestion within the root zone!

The combination of a powerful tea & top-dressing regimen will rocket your entire garden’s development, allowing you to maintain complete confidence in your plants’ growth and maturity levels, (they will always receive everything they need, with zero risk of burn or nutrient ‘lock-out’, etc.). Using Boogie-Brew & NP Boogie-Blend on a regular basis practically guarantees any farmer complete success and also allows for even the greenest-thumbed applicator to achieve even higher levels of horticultural excellence!  Add some occasional, (monthly) foliar applications of Pure Protein (cod-fish aminos), and you truly have the ultimate trio of plant-superchargers: Your results will be simply SPELLBINDING! Prepare for vastly increased growth & much higher brix levels along with decreased, (quicker), maturation rates and, (most-importantly), heavier yields!

With nothing to slow their growth processes, and with everything they could possibly utilize for maximum conversion of soil life, your plants will seriously dance on this phenomenal 1-2-3 trio of horticultural-success! Regular applications of Nature’s Pride Boogie Blend Top-Dressing, ‘scratched-in’ to your top-soil and subsequently activated by a supercharged tea like Boogie Brew, along with a consistent foliar-campaign using the miracle aminos in Pure Protein, will simply blow any farmer’s mind away! With results previously unattainable through other methods, we at Boogie Brew are completely sure of your success with these products: Through the phenomenal release of carbon / cellulose / chitin & nutrient-releasing degraders, plus the massive enzyme levels afforded by these amazingly effective & affordable products, your entire garden’s ecosystem will run on full microbial cruise-control, all while helping to process total dissolved solids in your soil’s greater bio-mass and maintain a positive nutrient-cycle for biological digestion.

About Nature’s Pride Boogie-Blend Veg:

In ancient times, the indigenous people of the Amazonian basin utilized Biochar amendments to improve their soil and provide lasting fertility. Today, this innovative powdered blend combines premium fertilizers with fermented and supercharged biochar to create a simple-to-apply formula that provides the soil nutrition necessary for strong, vigorous growth. Breathe LIFE into your soil with Nature’s Pride Boogie Blend Veg & Bloom formulas. Activate these super-dressings with Boogie tea and witness simply astounding results!

• Unique recipes custom formulated for Boogie Brew WITHOUT any blood-meal: We substituted this potentially dangerous, (prion-contaminated), ingredient with far higher grades of nitrogen & from non-gmo soy amino acids.
• Build a ridiculously healthy soil ecosystem with our bullet-proof program of tea-drenches, top-dressings & amino-acid sprays!
• Increase thermal-decomposition and enzymatic ‘heat’ within the root-zone, allowing for constant nutrient recycling and microbial enrichment of the soil-food-web.
• Highly efficient organic formulas create incredible results from a superior blend of deluxe ingredients!

Why Boogie wants you to use NP Top Dressing:

It is our firm belief that Tea & Top-Dressings, (along with sensible composting / mulching, etc), are the BEST ways to achieve horticultural excellence!

Please Note: Top dressings are OPTIONAL to begin with – seasonal compost & mulch applications, along with regularly-applied elixirs like simple worm-teas, (eg: a “vermi-tea” only, made from WormGold+ / OGS Castings, or better yet, home-produced worm-castings), plus weekly or even bi-weekly Boogie feedings, (as little as 20 to 50 gallons per acre OR as MUCH as 5 gallons per 100sq ft), should EASILY cover most crops’ needs! (How much tea you decide to apply is really up to you and your “gardening-intensity” / budget & feeding needs).

However, there are occasions where “scratching-in” some extra goodies can really boost a crop’s production, (or meet a particularly hungry plant’s needs – eg Cannabis in full flower, etc) ; in such situations, Boogie Brew will ABSOLUTELY make the most of any quality top-dressing’s effectiveness (Delivering maximum nutrients, efficiency, etc).

With a rich recipe like Boogie for the tea and SENSIBLE quantities of quality products like those listed above (small & occasional “scratch-in” doses, and only WHEN your plants indicate the need for increased nutrition, etc), you WILL experience significant yield-increases and, (most importantly), higher brix-levels, (quality is everything!).

Fantastic results when used along with a Compost Tea program like Boogie Brew! Generally, this means adding Nature’s Pride Boogie-Blend to your soil, in-between tea applications.

Derived From: Feather Meal, Bast Guano, Fish Meal, Seabird Guanos, Oyster Shell, Alfalfa Meal, Volcanic Ash, Soy Amino Meal, Crab Meal, Rock Phosphate, Fish Bone Meal, Glacial Rock Dust, Sulfate of Potash, Langbeinite, Kelp Meal, Soluble, Mycorhizzae, Humic Acid.


8% Humic Acid (derived from Leonardite).


Glomus Intradices                1.7 spores/g             Glomus deserticola              0.4 spores/g                                  Glomus clarum                     0.4 spores/g             Glomus etunicatum              0.4 spores/g


Bacillus subtilis                          2.0 x 10   cfu/g         Bacillus lichenformis                  9.0 x 10   cfu/g

Bacillus amyloliquefaceans        6.0 x 10   cfu/g       Bacillus thuringiensis                 1.0 x 10   cfu/g

Bacillus polymyxa                       4.0 x 10   cfu/g

Soil amending ingredients: Fermented Wood biochar (“Pre-Charged Char”).

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Nature’s Pride Boogie Blend 10lb

Nature’s Pride Boogie Blend 20lb

Nature’s Pride Boogie Blend 40lb


Application / Directions:

Before Planting:  Start the season by tilling 1 cup  of Nature’s Pride Veg into each cubic foot of soil media used in new planting and gardens.

Top Dressing: Throughout the growing season, apply up to 1 cup of Nature’s Pride Veg to a 4’x 4’ surface area, up to once a week. Apply to damp soil &water in thoroughly, following application.

For Container Plants: Apply 1 Tablespoon as a    top-dress per gallon of media, once per week.

Indoor Soil Mix: Thoroughly mix in 2 Tablespoons per gallon of media and water after planting.

Remember, when applying a world class tea recipe like Boogie Brew, (on a consistent and regular basis), it works tremendously to DIGEST other fertilizers and make them FAR more available to your plants’ root-zone for nutrient uptake, (resulting in greatly-increased assimilation). Therefore, with Boogie, LESS IS ALWAYS MORE!…..Please remember this and always apply OTHER fertilizers in moderate doses.

Don’t Forget: We strongly recommend the use of a Boogie Blue Water Filter when using Nature’s Pride Boogie-Blend: Using a chlorine-filter will greatly aid in preserving your valuable soil biology, allowing for optimum digestion of your Tea & Top-Dressings!