Rock-Dust Combos

Super Variety-Pack of Potent Minerals!


Combine 85%-90% terra-formed elements, (volcanic/clay/glacial etc.) with approximately 10-15% seawater minerals, for a dynamic duo of mineral success: Apply liberal quantities of both fast and slow-release rock-dusts, (eg: Elemite/Azomite plus C.B.D. Minerals), directly to soil and around the base of your plants, with small doses of SEA-90, (just a one-time SPRINKLE, or ‘thimble/thumb-full’). You can also use SEA-90, (sparingly!), at one teaspoon per gallon in water or compost-tea solution; apply this way as a beneficial soil-drench just once per month.

Package includes:

  • CBD Minerals: Rich, Ultra-Paramagnetic Rock Dust (50LBS)
  • 6LBS Heavy Harvest© 2-Part Tea (3LBS ea.Base & Boost)
  • Ultra-Strong Foundation Soluble Mycorrhizae Powder (4oz)


Now featuring 72 lbs of different minerals. With an emphasis on Cascade & CBD Vintage stone flour, both absolutely LOADED with silicon, calcium, iron & magnesium for super stem-stiffening (SSS) plant strength.
Power your garden’s entire web-of-life with a smorgasbord of mineral elements in both granulated & micronized forms.

Package includes:

  • 15 LBS Azomite: “SR” Granulated & Micronized Particle-Blend
  • 40 LBS Cascade Minerals: Volcanic-Elements from Oregon
  • 17 LBS CBD Vintage Stone Flour: California Basalt Deposit


A to Z of Minerals including trace elements: Enhance & Fortify your garden soil, compost piles or potting blends.
Add Boogie Base: Apply 1 cup per sq. ft of soil or use as a world-class tea base.
Enhance root growth, crop yield, fruit quality and soil health. Build your uber-base with a rich blend of both bacterial & fungal biomass.

Package includes:

  • 37LBS Azomite: Popular “SR” Granulated & Micronized Particle-Blend
  • 6LBS Boogie Base: A superb, tea-infused, “Moonshined” Mix of Worm Castings, Wood-Chip Compost, BioChar + Land & Sea Minerals