Rock Dust Minerals

Mineralize Soil & Stimulate Microbial Activity

“By combining sensible doses of variably-sourced mineral-elements, (both land & sea, in proper ratios), your soil be enriched with an optimum blend of mineralizing bio-boosters. Provide a super-charged element banquet for microbes to feast on, and they will respond by powering your soil’s entire web-of-life cycle in a positive and healthy manner!”

John from “” and Josh from the “Boogie Brew Company” battle head to head on which is the better soil ammendment: Compost Tea or Rock Dust. In this entertaining and informative episode you will discover some of the pros and cons of both rock dust as well as compost tea and learn which one you should use to grow your organic vegetable garden or farm.

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Rock-Dust Combos

Rock Box Medley

Rock Box Plus: Tea, Mycorhizzae & Rock-Dust Combi Pack

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Elemite Trace Minerals Combo Deal

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Cascade Minerals

Cascade Minerals Remineralizing Soil Booster releases essential minerals and trace elements that plants and humans need to flourish. It is the ideal product for organic farming, orchards, vineyards, golf courses, indoor gardens and more. Cascade Minerals Remineralizing Soil Booster is not a fertilizer or synthetic chemical and contains only naturally occurring minerals and trace elements. A granulated, true Volcanic Basalt fertilizer and soil amendment!

Azomite Slow-Release Minerals

AZOMITE® is mined from an ancient volcanic ash deposit in central Utah, USA. Scientists believe that the unique chemical make-up of AZOMITE® was created when an ancient volcano erupted and the ash settled into a seabed. The combination of seawater, fed by hundreds of rivers rich in minerals, and the rare and abundant minerals present in volcanic ash created the AZOMITE® mineral composition unique to its deposit.

C.B.D. Minerals – California Basalt Deposit (Vintage Stone Flour)

Norcal’s Finest Remineralizing Rock Dust: Igneous Basalt. The gold standard of rock dusts for remineralization. We are pleased to offer this primary magma on the west coast. Macro and micro elements in good proprtion. Low metals, high magnetic response. A BEST rock dust for remineralization by definition.