Pure Protein Fish

What are you spraying on your plants? Hopefully something natural and non-toxic, right?  Sadly, most “spray & grow” products sold today are made with chemically-derived fertilizer “salts” that can easily burn leaf tissue, not to mention their horrendous impacts on our environment. PURE-PROTEIN powder, on the other hand, is simply incredible: A one-stop amino acid-treatment for both leaf and soil application, which, when used even as a stand-alone foliar spray, creates phenomenal growth and lush, healthy leaf structure. Combine PURE-PROTEIN as a weekly treatment alongside Boogie Brew Tea for outrageous results!  Boost your garden to unprecedented levels of  vitality with two of nature’s greatest plant superchargers:  Boogie Brew & PURE-PROTEIN!

PURE-PROTEIN contains 100% pure, hydrolyzed cod-fish protein which renders an abundance of amino acids instantly bio-available to plant cells. In turn, this builds a powerful “super-structure” for your plants’ entire leaf, stem and root-tissue mass. PURE-PROTEIN, when sprayed regularly as a foliar tonic, coupled with frequent applications of Boogie-Brew Tea, is guaranteed to transform you into an instant master-gardener and help you to achieve true “horticultural excellence”!

We’ve witnessed what happens when farmers keep using toxic products to raise their crops: Erosion, dead soil, endless cycles of crop diseases and pest/pathogen invasions, along with destroyed water-sheds and eco-systems affected by all the nitrate run-off. Consider the impact on ground-water supplies from the endless assault of chemical fertilizers that most farmers rely on for crop-growth.

Having spent a career as a genuine “ag-man” for most of his life, PURE-PROTEIN’S creator and Organic Ag Products founder Ed Zybura, recognized the need for a simple, yet powerful all-in-one fertilizer that is:

1) Easy to apply. (Just 2 tablespoons per gallon of water & sprayed or soil-drenched works wonders).

2) Cost-effective. (Only infrequent doses are needed to see amazing results).

3) Completely WATER-SOLUBLE. (Very important aspect for farmers’ drip and irrigation systems).

4) Completely NON-BURNING to delicate plant tissue. (Even brand-new starts respond positively).

5) Totally NON-TOXIC to the environments surrounding farming areas.

PURE-PROTEIN has gained tremendous acceptance right in Organic Ag’s own backyard with the commercial grape and berry growers on California’s Central Coast. Enlightened farmers who have chosen sustainable and organic methods using Organic Ag’s PURE-PROTEIN have discovered for themselves just how well their crops respond to such a potent “Foliar-Feast“.

Pure Protein 1LB

Pure Protein 4oz



Most complete organic fertilizer, fulfills 70-80% of plant nutritional needs
Highest amino acid profile, 80% L-amino acids, will not burn leaves or roots
PH Perfect,5-12-14, high in macro- and micro-nutrients, high in enzymes
Completely water-soluble and non-toxic to surrounding environment
Rapid results, cost-effective, easy to apply, apply infrequently
PURE-PROTEIN has gained tremendous acceptance right in Organic Ag’s own backyard with the commercial grape and berry growers on California’s Central Coast. Enlightened farmers who have chosen sustainable and organic methods using Organic Ag’s PURE-PROTEIN have discovered for themselves just how well their crops respond to such a potent “Foliar-Feast“.




New Plantings: Containers: prior to planting thoroughly mix into the soil (medium) • Gardens: prior to planting mix into the top 2-4 inches • Holes: thoroughly mix into backfill soil (medium)
Established Plants: Spread around the base of the plants & gently work into the top 1-3 inches
Established Trees & Shrubs: Apply in a circle underneath the outer branches (drip line). For best results, gently work into the top 1-3 inches. – Follow all plantings with a thorough watering –
General Use Rates at Tbsp (Tablespoons) per Gallon or Cups per Cubic Foot of soil (medium)
Mild: 1 Tbsp-1/4 Cup •
Medium: 2 Tbsp-1/2 Cup •
Strong: 4 Tbsp-1 Cup
Seeds: 1/2 Tbsp-1/8 Cup •
New Plantings Per Hole: Small Plants: 2 Tbsp • Shrubs: 1/2 Cup •
Trees: 1 Cup Established Plants: 1 Tbsp per foot of plant height •
Large-Fast Growing plants: 2 Tbsp per foot of plant height •
Shrubs: 1/4 Cup per foot every 2 feet of height •
Trees: 1/2 Cup per every 2 feet of height Gardens: 1-2 Cups per 25 square feet (5ft x 5ft) or every 25 ft of planting row
Use every 12 weeks or whenever needed

We’ve tested PURE-PROTEIN extensively as a helpful additive to horticultural-oils like NEEM OIL mixed with Dr Bronner’s Sal-Suds Soap. This combo is amazingly effective at doing double duty as both a foliar food AND a powerful pest/mold killing spray!


Ultimate “Boogie-Bug” & powdery mildew recipe:

1) Use 2 tablespoons, (per gallon), of Neem oil with an equal quantity, (1:1), of  Dr Bronner’sSal-Suds” brand soap, (this particular Dr Bronner’s soap can be found in your local health-food store’s laundry and dish-detergent section; it is very kind to both plants and the environment).

2) SHAKE a small jar of warm water with the Neem oil and soap added to the jar first. Shake the contents thoroughly until the oil has become completely emulsified by the Dr Bronner’s Sal-Suds soap.

3) Pour the resulting concentrated “Neem-Milk” liquid into your 1 or 2 gallon sprayer and then go to town spraying your plants’ entire leaf foliage; they will love you for it! Use this ultra-effective recipe anywhere from 1 to 2 or even 3 times per week, (depending on pest or disease pressure). Occasionally “boost” the above recipe with Pure-Protein to add additional fertilizing value to your spraying regime.

Plants just seem to LOVE the combination of these natural pesticides with PURE PROTEIN.  This sort of application could easily transform chemical farming’s addiction to toxic and dangerous pesticides which have been poisoning America’s landscape for decades!

The fatty acids & aminos in PURE-PROTEIN work to fortify plant tissue from pests & pathogenic organisms. By using PURE-PROTEIN and Boogie Brew together as a foliar SUPER-SPRAY, you will create a highly-effective armor-plating of easily absorbed, 100% free-form amino-acids which, together with Boogie’s beneficial organisms,  form a PROBIOTIC DEFENSE SHIELD for plants .

Just like all Boogie products, PURE-PROTEIN is kind to your plants, kinder still to the planet, and of course kindest of-all to your wallet….you never pay for water or plastic-jugged packaging; no chemical snake-oils to burn your plants or your pocket-book;…..just simple, gentle, yet powerful horticultural solutions to help you get THE MOST out of your cultivation efforts. ACHIEVE GARDENING EXCELLENCE with PURE-PROTEIN, a 100% water-soluble, enzymatically digested fish hydrolysate powder for plants.

Application Info:  Adding just 1 teaspoon per gallon of PURE-PROTEIN to FULL-STRENGTH Boogie Brew Tea creates a super-charged brew that sends microbes into a FEEDING FRENZY. At first, the  EFA’s (essential fatty acids) will diminish your tea’s foam levels; this is normal, due to the fish-oil content’s natural lubricity. However, after a few hours, your tea will COME RAGING BACK as the organisms feast themselves on the food sources contained within PURE-PROTEIN‘s superb amino-acid profile. Research has shown that adding high-quality fish-hydrolysates to your soil, and in particular to compost teas, greatly increases fungal organisms and their beneficial activity in plants’ critical rhizosphere, (root zone). Use PURE PROTEIN in your compost tea once every two to three brews, especially when you wish to create a fungal dominant recipe. Increasing beneficial fungi in your root-zone is an excellent way to improve plant health, due to the complex tasks which are carried out by these organisms: They act as crucial “messengers” in your soil’s microbial matrix and work to directly improve the biological pathways which are necessary for a healthy and diversely-populated soil-system.

Dosages and frequency of application: We recommend adding PURE-PROTEIN once per week to your brew at the rate of just ONE TEASPOON PER GALLON of FULL-STRENGTH Boogie-Brew Tea. Diluting this infusion from 1:5 to 1:10 and drenching the soil with it will be sufficient to see visible improvements in your plant health.

Foliar-Feeding with PURE-PROTEIN: Dilute full-strength Boogie Brew Tea 1:5 and add 1 to 2 tablespoons of PURE-PROTEIN per gallon of this dilute. Spray your plants once every ten days to two weeks with this mixture for simply phenomenal results! For farms and large areas, use this recipe at the rate of 20 to 50 gallons per acre and apply weekly.