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Rock Box Medley Ad 11x8.5



Rock Box Plus Ad 11x8.5


“By combining sensible doses of variably-sourced mineral-elements, (both land & sea, in proper ratios), your soil be enriched with an optimum blend of mineralizing bio-boosters. Provide a super-charged element banquet for microbes to feast on, and they will respond by powering your soil’s entire web-of-life cycle in a positive and healthy manner!”



Note: The Brew Kit specs HAVE CHANGED since the airing of JK’s video; now include 6 LBS OF NEW BB-PRO (2-Part) TEA, (enough to brew 100 gallons of full strength tea), plus BoogieFrass too! The Amino Acid products are an OPTIONAL addition.



Pro Brew Kit (without filter)

Pro Deluxe Kit (includes Filter)

*Brew Kits ship via USPS Priority Mail; please allow 3 to 7 business days for delivery. **We do not make any profit on the hardware included in our kits – we want folks to succeed at becoming MASTER BREWERS; all hardware is provided as low-cost as possible to help you obtain the best possible results!






Package A

Package A

1) 10lbs of Sea-90 Ocean-Minerals

2) 1/2lb bag of Boogie Brew Tea, (brews aprox 10 gallons)

3) One 6″x10″ burlap brew-bag



Package B+

Package B Plus

1) 3 lbs of Boogie Brew Pro Tea, (brews approx. 60 gallons) (new size)

2) One burlap brew-bag

3) 2 lbs of Sea-90

4) 2 lbs of Worm Gold Plus

5) 4 oz of Pure Protein


Package C

Package C

1) 6-lb Boogie Brew Pro Tea (1 burlap included)

2) 2-lb Worm Gold Plus

3) 4-lb Sea90

4) 1-lb Pure Protein






1) 7-lb Boogie Base (quantity: 2)

2) 8-lb Worm Gold Plus

3) 4-lb Sea90

4) 2-lb 1part Boogie Brew Tea (1 burlap included)



“The best vermi-bang for your soil-buck!”  


– A phenomenal soil conditioner and an excellent source of microbially-digested, (slow-release) plant-food, WormGold+’s high-chitinase castings come pre-loaded with additional minerals, (derived from volcanic ash), PLUS fossilized kelp, (rich in bio-available calcium). FRASS, (rich in chitin) is fed to the vermi-feed stock; this greatly increases enzyme levels and broadens WormGold’s biology to far greater than other commercially-available castings.

– 20 QTS / Aprox. 34 lbs WG+ (4 bags @ 5QTS ea./aprox 8.5 lbs ea). (Or: 1 large 20 qt bag)

– Sample Boogie Brew Tea (brews 5 gallons @ 0.5lbs ea).

– Includes Burlap Brew Bag, all at a delivered price of only $37.50

wormgoldpluscrop– Use approximately 1lb of WG+ for each 5 to 10 square feet of garden-space. (Apply at a rate of 10% to 20% of cubic soil-volume). For top results, use in conjunction with weekly tea applications. Combined with Boogie Brew, WormGold+ will take your garden to new levels of biological excellence!

Please note: Depending on availability, we may elect to ship SINGLE, (individual, LARGE) 20qt bags of WormGold+ instead of 4 smaller bags. THE QUANTITY IS THE SAME AMOUNT!.  Also, please keep in mind that WormGold’s weight is MOISTURE-SENSITIVE!….Depending on the ambient humidity/storage conditions/age-factors, etc, your WormGold may be LIGHTER in weight: Please understand that we will always do our best to ship GYG’ers a moister/heavier casting, however, in certain unavoidable situations, (due to only dryer product being on hand), the individual weight of your bag(s) may be lower; however, the VOLUME will always stay the same!



Elemite front label 3.25x4.75 Description:  

Ultra-soluble, super-fine mineral powder from 100% Volcanic rock-ash. PLEASE APPLY CAREFULLY AND ALWAYS USE A PARTICULATE-MASK. Although Elemite consists of healthy, colloidally-charged minerals which generally pose positive health effects for humans, (it actually makes a great clay/beauty mask!), the particles are of such a fine consistency, that we recommend using a proper respirator mask for handling Elemite.

SHIPPING IS INCLUDED.  A full 2lbs BB Tea, 2lbs Sea-90, plus N95 Respirator Mask, are ALL included! 

Please note: Elemite now ships separately, (drop-shipped from Southern California), and will arrive in a separate box via USPS Priority Mail.


COMBO DEAL: Buy Elemite and CBD Minerals together for only $99


California Basalt Deposit C.B.D. (Vintage Stone Flour) Norcal’s Finest Remineralizing Rock Dust  (44lbs)

View CBD Minerals Analysis…

What is Remineralization? Remineralization is the utilization of natural broad elemental spectrum rock dust materials for the purpose of renewing the mineral content of soils and other growing media. Rock Dust Local has spent nearly 25 years evaluating and working with rock dusts from all over North America. After this length of time they have determined that the best rock dust for soil remineralization are Basalts and Metamorphic and Sedimentary types because of the rich diversity of minerals contained in these volcanic geologic materials. They even created an acronym for their definition of BEST: “Broad Elemental Spectrum Tectonic”.  Broad Elemental Spectrum refers to the rock dust having a broad spectrum of desired minerals for soil remineralization. C.B.D. Minerals is one the ideal basalts for this purpose because of this analysis(C.B.D Minerals Analysis…). Tectonic ultimately refers to earth shaping forces. All of these are required to make the best rock dust. FREE PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING! – BEST ROCK DUST VALUE ONLINE! 

COMBO DEAL: Buy CBD Minerals and Elemite together for only $99

Please note: ELEMITE ships separately from CA and will arrive in its own Priority Mail Box



A granulated, true Volcanic Basalt fertilizer and soil amendment.

Provides all natural essential minerals & trace elements that plants require for optimal growth and vitality.

Remineralize soils, fortify composts and boost plant performance with this high quality, granulated rock dust.

Includes 44lbs of rich, dark mineral matter; Sample (0.5lbs) BB Tea; Burlap brew bag.



Description: Boogie’s Bug-Battling recipe: The last word on natural & safe pest control! The tolls on human health and our environment from pesticides are horrendous and completely unnecessary to boot….After many years of trial and error, while trying-out a multitude of natural pest-control agents, Boogie’s own highly recommended bug-battling formula involves the use of two crucial ingredients: by using Dr Bronner’s Sal-Suds Soap & Clean Neem Oil, (mixed together and ideally applied with an Atomizing Fogger machine, or at least a high-quality pump sprayer),any grower can achieve astounding success in their garden against invasive bug species, all at ZERO cost to human or planetary health. Use these two outstanding items together and on a regular basis, (weekly or more often for serious pest pressure problems), and you too can win just about any bug-battle, in a simple, non-toxic and ultra-safe manner!

neem(Click on the picture to enlarge)
deluxe neem 150dpi(Click on the picture to enlarge)





Pure Protein 1LB

1) Easy to apply

2) Cost-effective

3) Completely WATER-SOLUBLE

4) Completely NON-BURNING to delicate plant tissue

5) Totally NON-TOXIC to the environments surrounding farming areas



Water Soluble Soy Amino 1LB

This formulation is highly dissolvable amino acid powder derived from plant proteins. It can be used in a wide range of soils, for a wide range of turf grasses, food crops, shrubs, flowers and similar plants.

Directions: – Mix 1 teaspoon with 5 gallons of water and apply the solution directly to the soil within 1 hour of mixing. Make sure solution comes into contact with the roots of the target plant. When mixing, add water first, then the product. Agitate if possible. – Apply every 1-4 weeks or as needed throughout the growing season.


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Joraform 270 Composter

Material: Insulation: 2.16 inch polyethylene plastic Panels: Galvanized and painted steel Stand: Galvanized steel Technical specifications: – Weight: Approx 86 lbs – Volume: 9,5 cubic feet (70 gallons) – Dimensions: 44,5”L, 28” W, 50” H – Capacity: 6-8 Gal/week – Suitable for: Larger households 4 per and more, B&Bs, small restaurants, kindergartens, care homes, etc.

SHIPPING INCLUDED TO US 48 STATES. (call for shipping to AK/HI)