Customer Reviews

“My favorite to make my plants dance:)”

Tried many nutrients, but nothing beats real mother nature, boogie brew has mother nature in it!!! awesome work guys, thanks for the awesome products and infomation!! My favorite to make my plants dance:) – Dec 09, 2015


“Four Stars”

Wonderful! – Sept 16, 2015


“Five Stars”

I couldn’t believe the results i got from this, over night. blooms and such leaf growth. I am sold!! –on July 11, 2015


“Great brew”

This is a great brew mix. I generally make a vermicompost tea, but I like to mix it up and provide a good variety for my garden, and this fits the bill nicely. on January 9, 2015


“5Five Stars”

Works great! My basil and tomato plants bounced right back! –on October 6, 2014


“Watch Our Plants GROW!”

This product is easy to use and affordable. What’s remarkable is that you see results within days. The plants are healthier, stronger and more productive. –on July 22, 2013


“WOW!!! Serious Compost Tea”

I received boogie brew a week and a half ago and in that time I brewed twice. Every single plant in my garden has exploded in growth almost supernaturally.Zucchini leaves are now growing HUGE with flowers everywhere. I have had terrible luck with zucchini in the past so this excites me. Cucumbers were very slow to grow this season until boogie brew was fed and now they are starting to grow tendrils and taking off.My indeterminant tomatoes have gone nuts. They went from 3 feet tall to 4 feet in ONE WEEK! Flowers are everywhere.Broccoli is starting to form tight heads and the leaves are getting enormous.My ruby lettuce has gone nuts. The leaves have gone from wimpy looking to perfect. I thought harvest might be in two weeks but I will have to start picking this weekend.My onion plants are also responding in more subtle fashion with vibrant green tops and slightly fattened bulbs.This is after only two feedings? I am stunned. I also use Dr.Earth organic veggie fertilizer ( which I also recommend) but there is no denying that the there is a extremely noticeable difference in plant growth after the boogie brew feeding.The 8 pound bag comes with a burlap bag for brewing. I am using a 5 gallon bucket and a 45L/min aerator also purchased on amazon. They recommend a 10 to 1 dilution but I have been going approx 5 to 1 and the plants love it.  –on June 5, 2014



This product is amazing. I can see the difference in my plants and trees overnight when I use it as a foliar spray (I only “brewed” it for 6 hours) and in 1-2 days when I water with it. Don’t let the price scare you. It is worth it. Shipping was fast. on May 12, 2014


“My plants LOVE this stuff”

The compost tea is really easy to make and can be very safe for you and your plants. Just always remember to clean your equipment after each batch of tea. (Every 3-4 days) otherwise, you could have dangerous bacteria growth and a problem with curious insects, like flies…. Every time I feed my plants of boogie brew tea they perc up to their maximum and form the best looking leaves! Highly recommended. –on April 7, 2014


“To Brew or Not to Brew”

Very happy with the fast Delivery, ordered it and 2 days later it’s on my door step.2 Pounds makes between 35-45 gallons of compost tea, which is great for a person with a small to medium garden, balcony grower, or Container Grower.Friend of mine gave me a little over 1/2 pound sample to try out brewing my own tea last year and let me tell you, the results were great, watering with compost tea twice a week increased the size of my plants and yield was higher than the year before. Unfortunately 1/2 pound lasted me only 2 months, so i figure this should last me at least 8 months. In my opinion boogie brew works wonders for gardens. on April 12, 2013