Best Frass on Earth for Your Plants & Soil!

Introducing Boogie Black, a 100% insect frass product derived from the exoskeletal and exudate matter of black soldier fly larvae, (Hermetia Illucens). A powdered (hammermilled) organic product, used for early plant growth with diverse amino acid and micronutrient profile along with a beneficial microbial population.

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Directions for use:
  • Top Dress: Cover the soil surface of the plants desired to be treated and scratch or water into the top layer of the root zone for the product to begin to work.
  • Urban Gardens, Established Plants, Lawns: incorporate 5 lbs/100 sq.ft. into soil prior to planting.
  • Containers: Incorporate 1 – 1.5 tbsp. in 4 cups of planting mix.
  • Tea-Brewing: Boogie Black maybe used to fortify compost-teas; add at the rate of 1 cup/5 gals AACT (Aerobically-Activated Compost Tea)
  • Frequency: Applications may be repeated after 8 weeks to a maximum of 3 times per season.

Turn your compost tea into the ultimate pathogen buster! Simply add a cup of Boogie Black to a compost tea, (such as Boogie Brew). Not only will Boogie Black compliment the tea’s biological profile but also adds the other benefits of BB frass directly to your brew.

  • Add Boogie Black to mature brewed teas only! Use Boogie Black enhanced Boogie Brew as a root drench or foliar application. Boogie Black enhanced tea applied foliarly makes an especially effective pathogen eliminating agent and will place a protective, probiotic shield around plants. Boogie Black will help improve a garden’s peak performance and make your plants dance!
  • Mature tea has been allowed to reach maturity, one that has brewed for approximately 18 hours. After adding Boogie Black, allow tea to complete the 24-hour brew cycle. Frass contains a naturally occurring ammonia which can harm young microorganisms if added too early.

“Unlike many other flies, BSF adults do not go into houses, they do not have functional mouthparts, they do not eat waste, they do not come into contact with waste, they do not regurgitate on human food, and consequently, they are not associated in any way with the transmission of disease. They do not bite, bother or pester humans in any way.” – Dr. Paul Olivier

Learn more about nature’s greatest composting creature, the Black Soldier Fly larvae, click this link:

What is Frass?

In simple terms, Frass is the name used for insect excrement. In this case, frass from Black Soldier Fly larvae.

How It Works

We are just beginning to understand the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae’s wondrous powers! Boogie Brew is proud to introduce such a powerful, ecological & cutting-edge commodity to America’s bio-farming community. In fact, the BSF larvae is probably your greatest dominator-species soil warrior, (Dominator species refers to supreme beneficial organisms, which will out-dominate any pathogens or bad organisms that come in their path, similar to the world’s best Bulgarian yogurt strain out-colonizing E-coli and other pathogenic bacteria in the human gut). Become a soil warrior, (not a worrier!), by enlisting the most potent biotic insect known to soil science, the Black Soldier Fly larvae is your gardening ally. We can only liken this tiny bugs powers to those of a Jora composting tumbler on steroids: simply put, this tiny powerhouse is a mechanical marvel of composting excellence.

Frass is a well known broad-spectrum tool for the organic gardener, containing natural chemicals that help fight leaf and root destroying afflictions. Frass contains beneficial microorganisms and nutritionally beneficial minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, nitrogen etc. Insect Frass contains high levels of chitin, which, when detected by plants, triggers an autoimmune response. Plants then produce natural toxins which fend off pests and pathogens and grow thicker stalks and stems. Increased production is one reason frass is extremely beneficial during the bloom stage of growth. Frass will encourage plant defense against problems such as powdery mildew, blight, fungus gnats and molds, to name but a few, as well as practically all insect assaults, including root destroying nematodes.

The man who has spearheaded the most research into understanding this little heroes capability is a Canadian. His valuable work has been actively suppressed by the powers-that-be. Big Ag cronyism runs deep!

This is the tip of the knowledge iceberg regarding the BSF larvae pathogen-munching effects. The myriad exciting qualities of the BSF larvae and it’s miraculous digesting powers.

Boogie Black Facts
  • OMRI Listed for Organic Production
  • Test studies showed Increased crop yields
  • Promotes rapid mineralization when applied to soil
  • Promotes early plant growth
  • Contains beneficial microbes for plant growth and production
  • Supports plant growth superior to worm castings
  • Fungal networks were present only in plots receiving ENF
  • Boogie Black has been properly cured eliminating the possibility of pathogens such as E-coli (which has been found in other frass products)
  • Water Soluble
  • Contains natural antibiotics
  • Promotes beneficial organisms
  • Destroys pathogens
  • Will not harm beneficial insects or beneficial nematodes
  • Is not a pesticide or fungicide
  • Foliar application is the most effective use of Boogie Black enhanced tea
  • Please make sure to store Boogie Black in a cool, dry location.

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