Beatle-Mania for Your Plants & Soil!

Boogie Frass

Boogie Frass is a 100% Veeganic© garden solution with many established benefits. Our beetle frass product is made from the exoskeletal and exudate matter of meal larvae fed only on vegetable material. Insect frass from 100% meal-worm (beetle larvae) castings is a natural fertilizer that is rich in biology and can be used in many different applications. Frass is a well known broad-spectrum tool for the organic gardener containing natural chemicals that help fight leaf and root destroying afflictions. Directions: Cover the soil surface of the plants desired to be treated and scratch or water into the top layer of the root zone for the product to begin to work. Alternatively, you can brew frass with compost tea to maximize the benefits. Adding a cup of Boogie Frass to a compost tea will compliment the tea’s biological profile but also adds the other benefits of the frass directly to your brew. Add Boogie Frass to mature brewed teas only! Boogie Frass will help to improve a garden’s peak performance and make your plants dance!


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* As a flower-stimulant and soil-tonic/inoculant, apply at the rate of 1 to 2 cups (aprox. 5oz) per 10 sq ft. of plant-area. Use 1 cup/gal and drench soil thoroughly. *Frass foliar spray: Use 1/2 cup Boogie Frass per gallon of water. * Tea-Brewing: Boogie Frass may be used to fortify compost-tea; add at the rate of 1 cup per 5 gal AACT (aerobically-activated compost tea) * Important: Add to mature teas only! (Brew for 24 hours before applying to tea)
2% N, 2% P, 2% K. 100% meal-worm (beetle larvae) castings. A natural plant food for rooting, vegetative and bloom phases.