Boogie Brew Heavy Harvest Tea

2-Part Tea Formula further improves upon our open source recipe ingredients. Heavy Harvest© Boogie Brew® is separated into 2 equal parts for product stability & shelf-life.

Boogie Brew® Heavy Harvest© Tea (New Boogie Brew Pro Formula)

hh-bb-photoshopped-bag-image-mediumBoogie Brew® Tea creates phenomenal growth rates while saving the farmer on fertilizer costs & water usage. Nutrients are broken down faster and made more bio-available. Salts & heavy metals found in soil & water supplies become far less hazardous to plants when the enzymes produced by Boogie’s biological army of organisms work to soften their impact and reduce toxicity.

Prepare to witness explosive growth, shiny leaf structure, strong root development and awesome flower quality. Used regularly, Heavy Harvest Boogie Brew Tea helps plants to achieve their fullest flavor & aroma potential.

Why is Boogie Brew® so effective? The answer lies in our quality blend of composted ‘Veeganic©’ ingredients. This exceptional recipe blends cutting-edge, natural & non-animal derived fertilizers with concentrated soil conditioners to produce a superior ‘living tea’.

When ‘brewed’ with oxygen, (“actively-aerated”) from a strong air pump, this infusion acts as a catalyzing agent, bridging the gap between soil, nutrient and plant. Boogie Brew functions like the probiotics of horticulture: The Soil-Food-Web’s own primal defense system!

Heavy Harvest© Boogie Brew® 2-Part Tea: 

Boogie Brew® “HH’ (‘Heavy Harvest©”) is still super simple and easy to use: As with our original Boogie Brew, one cup of total ingredients are added to 5 gallons of chlorine-free water. Half a cup each, (equal amounts), of both Parts A, (“Boogie Base”) and B, (“Boogie Boost”), are combined and added together for each 5 gallons of Brew.

By separating the ingredients into two individually-packaged components we have been able to maintain product freshness, leading to more stable storage conditions, (Boogie Brew HH has a greatly extended shelf-life). Furthermore, this 2-part approach gave us the opportunity of using even stronger doses of Veeganic© additives, allowing for higher-than-ever potency levels of brewed-product, (finished tea).

Now a better value and quality than ever before, Heavy Harvest© Boogie Brew® Tea is unequivocally the ultimate choice for Pro-Brewers!

When brewing and subsequently watering your garden after treating with any compost tea you may need to use a chlorine/chloramine filter like the Boogie-Blue Water Filter to brew better tea and preserve the microorganisms in your garden soil especially if you draw from municipal water sources.

 3pound6poundHeavy Harvest© Boogie Brew® Tea is available in three sizes:

3-lbs; brews approximately 50 gallons of full-strength tea.
6-lbs; brews approximately 100 gallons of full-strength tea.
16-lbs; brews approximately 280 gallons of full-strength tea.

(Dilute to suit, approximate ranges vary from 1:2 to 1:5 or may be applied at full-strength).

Boogie Brew® Heavy Harvest© Compost Tea (Burlap Brew Bag Included)

CA Customers: We are dealing with LABEL issues, therefore your Base will arrive UNLABELED, (bulk brown-bagged only). Same good stuff, minus a label!

    Package includes
2-Part Tea consists of two (separate) products combined into one duo-pack as follows:

BOOGIE-BASE© (Part A) INGREDIENTS: Worm Castings, Composted Wood Chips, Bio-Char, Trace Ocean Minerals, Volcanic Rock Ash & Fossilized Kelp.

BOOGIE-BOOST© (Part B) INGREDIENTS: Soluble Kelp Extract, Soybean Hydrolysate, Kelp Meal, Nutritional Yeast, Soybean Meal, Humates, Evaporated Cane Juice (Sugar), Alfalfa Meal, Humic Acid with Potash, Rock Phosphate, Langbeinite, Greensand.

• Burlap brew-bag included

• Eco-packed from 100% recycled paper with air-permeable moisture membrane.

Remember to continue using Chlorine-free water on ALL of your plant’s watering schedules, because you will once again begin to kill the life in your soil with unfiltered city water. That’s the life that you just infused into your soil with the application of compost tea! For many people, this is all too common a mistake that is easily made but, why bother brewing all that life in the first place only to then go and destroy those beneficial organisms with subsequent waterings of chlorinated water?


Heavy Harvest© Boogie Brew® Tea consists of two separate ingredient mixes:

Part A

“Boogie Base©” – a blend of wood-chip humus, worm castings, bio-char & minerals. Give your garden the best platform for soil-success!
BoogieBaseLabel crop
Boogie Base© is a superb blend of quality amendments, developed by Boogie Brew to cover all the bases in building a super-colony for your plants’ rhizosphere, (root zone). In this critical subterranean space, the all-inclusive mix of inputs employed in Boogie Base© work tremendously to maximize complex relationships between the plant, microorganisms and soil. A growing-media’s chemistry, including pH and nitrogen-availability, can be influenced in a profoundly positive manner by the beneficial conditions rendered from Boogie-Base’s unique combination of carbon digesters and bio-stimulants. Basically, if you really want to set the stage for your plants to dance, then provide them with an ultimate baseline of valuable ingredients contained in Boogie Base©!
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 Part B

“Boogie Boost©” – contains a mix of potent ‘Veeganic©’, (natural vegan) additives which are guaranteed to significantly boost all teas – allowing growers everywhere to achieve new levels of gardening excellence! Blast your tea to new levels of excellence!

BoogieBoostLabel cropBoogie Boost© is a fantastic blend of Veeganic© additives, made to boost any tea recipe to higher levels of activity and effectiveness! Nutrients already contained within your soil, absorbed by the roots of plants as cations and anions, become ‘super-nutes‘ when activated in Boogie Boost’s deluxe blend of high-grade elixirs. Boogie Boost© is uniquely formulated to enhance dynamic biological-actions within the processes of tea-brewing and soil-building, allowing for the efficient recycling & release of nutrients in a functional & healthy soil-matrix system. Contained within this uber-blend are meaningful quantities of deluxe and ultra-high grade ingredients – no expense has been spared in producing the ultimate tea booster!
Change your outlook on plant fertilization: Rather than depending on soluble nutrients from manufactured (liquid) fertilizers, use Boogie Boost© to enhance your soil’s own unique bio-mechanisms and make nutrients more accessible for natural uptake!
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 Boogie Brew Open-Source Compost Tea is explained in this video by John Kohler from
“After years of development, we have officially retired our original ‘1-Part’ Boogie Brew Tea product. Beginning in 2015, we introduced an all-new 2-part recipe. An exciting development in compost teas.