Boogie Brew Tea

Boogie Brew: A simple one-stop organic solution for all of your gardening needs. Our special formula functions as both a 100% natural, high quality fertilizer, plus a superb soil-vitalizer and biological tonic.

 – Brew Your Own ‘Veeganic’ tea mix – All-in-one world-class fertilizer AND super soil tonic – Intelligent pricing; extremely cost-effective – The absolute BEST VALUE in Compost Teas – Boogie Brew is unparalleled!

 Gardeners are constantly amazed at Boogie’s effectiveness. Producing enormous levels of biological activity, Boogie Brew creates phenomenal growth rates while saving the farmer on fertilizer costs & water usage. Nutrients are broken down faster and made more bio-available. Salts & heavy metals found in soil & water supplies become far less hazardous to plants when the enzymes produced by Boogie’s biological army of organisms work to soften their impact and reduce toxicity. Prepare to witness explosive growth, shiny leaf structure, strong root development and awesome flower quality. Used regularly, Boogie Brew helps plants to achieve their fullest flavor & aroma potential.

Why is Boogie Brew so Effective? Boogie’s secret lies in our proprietary blend of composted ‘Veeganic’ ingredients. This exceptional recipe blends high-quality, cutting-edge fertilizers & concentrated soil conditioners to produce a superior ‘living tea’. When ‘brewed’ with oxygen from a strong air pump, this infusion acts as a catalyzing agent, bridging the gap between soil, nutrient and plant. Boogie Brew functions like the pro-biotics of horticulture: The Soil-Food-Web’s own primal defense system.

Application Rate and Gardening Tips: Use just one cup of loose, dry tea-mix to make 5 gallons of full-strength, fresh brew. With a strong air-pump, (rated at 45l/min or higher), Boogie will be ready within hours! (Aerating for 12 hours or longer allows for maximum fungal activity). Diluting one of these full strength gallons into ten additional gallons of chlorine-free water and subsequently drenching soil with this dilution will create an awesome biological tonic for root zone optimization. All of the virtues of a world-class compost tea will be rendered, with the additional benefit of valuable micro-elements found in Boogie’s vegan food base and our blend of vital bio-stimulants. For use as a stand-alone fertilizer we recommend feeding full-strength Boogie Brew once or twice weekly, with chlorine-free water in between. When using Boogie with other fertilizers, (including top-dressings like bat guano etc.), feed at lower strengths, generally anywhere from 1:2 to 1:10. For a foliar tonic,  dilute 1:5 & spray leaves weekly.



• Brews 35 gallons (full strength). Dilute 1:10 for most gardening applications

• Burlap brew-bag included

• Eco-packed from 40% recycled paper with air-permeable moisture membrane.



• Brews 150 gallons (full strength). Dilute 1:10 for most applications

• Burlap brew-bag included

• Eco-packed 40% recycled paper. Popular size.



• Brews 300 gallons (full strength). Dilute 1:10 for most applications

• 2 burlap brew-bags included

• Eco-packed 40% recycled paper. Breathable & Non-GMO corn-starch, bio-bag liner.




Our patent-pending recipe of  fermented ‘Veeganic’ ingredients:  Premium biodynamic humus, High-Chitinase Quality Worm Castings, Rock Phosphate, Langbeneite, Kelp,Soy & Alfalfa Meals, North Atlantic Kelp Extract, Nutritional Yeast, Organic Trace Sea Minerals & Volcanic Rock Powder, Humic Acid, (95% purity), from Leonardite Shale, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice Crystals.

 *NOTE: Boogie’s biological activity greatly increases plants’ metabolism, thus allowing them to absorb nutrients with far greater efficiency; please use MUCH LOWER, (half or less), fertilizer strengths, even when mixing your tea at higher dilution rates. Remember, with Boogie Brew, LESS IS ALWAYS MORE!