Boogie Bloom Combo Box – Yield of Dreams!

Primo Hydrolysate 5-12-14

There are three sizes:

1 lb Primo Hydrolysate
1 lb Frass
1 lb Rainbow Mix
3 lb Tea
2 lb Primo Hydrolysate
2 lb Frass
2 lb Rainbow Mix
6 lb Tea
4 lb Primo Hydrolysate
4 lb Frass
4 lb Rainbow Mix
16 lb Tea




Product Overview

Rainbow Mix Pro Bloom pushes the boundaries of what is possible in a powder/granular plant nutrient. A powerful blend of all Natural Ingredients and 29 different strains of Mycorrhizae and Beneficial Microbes designed for today’s demanding “High Performance Gardening”. Use as a Pre-Mix, Top/Side Broadcast Fertilizer, Soil Booster and Plant Tea.

  • General use rates: 1-4 tablespoon per gal. or 1/4 – 1 cup per cu. ft. of soil
  • General frequencies of use: every 12 weeks throughout the growing season
  • Contains mycorrhizal fungi: pisolithus tinctorius, scleroderma citrinum, scleroderma cepa, rhizopogon luteolus, rhizopogon fulvigleba, rhizopogon villosulus, rhizopogon amylopogon, glomus intradices, glomus etunicatum, glomus aggregatum, glomus mosseae, glomus clarum, glomus monosporum, paraglomus brasilianum, glasgaspora margarita
  • Contains beneficial microbes: bacillus subtilis, bacillus megaterium, azotobacter vinelandii, rhizobium japonicum, bacillus coagulans, azotobacter chroococcum, azospirillum lipoferum, pseudomonas fluorescens, bacillus laterosprorus, azospirillum brasilense, bacillus pumilis, bacillus licheniforms, lactobacillus acidophilus


Most complete organic fertilizer, fulfills 70-80% of plant nutritional needs
Highest amino acid profile, 80% L-amino acids, will not burn leaves or roots
PH Perfect,5-12-14, high in macro- and micro-nutrients, high in enzymes
Completely water-soluble and non-toxic to surrounding environment
Rapid results, cost-effective, easy to apply, apply infrequently

New Plantings: Containers: prior to planting thoroughly mix into the soil (medium) • Gardens: prior to planting mix into the top 2-4 inches • Holes: thoroughly mix into backfill soil (medium)
Established Plants: Spread around the base of the plants & gently work into the top 1-3 inches
Established Trees & Shrubs: Apply in a circle underneath the outer branches (drip line). For best results, gently work into the top 1-3 inches. – Follow all plantings with a thorough watering –
General Use Rates at Tbsp (Tablespoons) per Gallon or Cups per Cubic Foot of soil (medium)
Mild: 1 Tbsp-1/4 Cup •
Medium: 2 Tbsp-1/2 Cup •
Strong: 4 Tbsp-1 Cup
Seeds: 1/2 Tbsp-1/8 Cup •
New Plantings Per Hole: Small Plants: 2 Tbsp • Shrubs: 1/2 Cup •
Trees: 1 Cup Established Plants: 1 Tbsp per foot of plant height •
Large-Fast Growing plants: 2 Tbsp per foot of plant height •
Shrubs: 1/4 Cup per foot every 2 feet of height •
Trees: 1/2 Cup per every 2 feet of height Gardens: 1-2 Cups per 25 square feet (5ft x 5ft) or every 25 ft of planting row
Use every 12 weeks or whenever needed