At Boogie Brew, we remain committed to being “Open Source” with Compost Tea – to the point that we are now proud to offer ALL of the ingredients that we use in our own nutrient-based tea recipe! Below is an outline of the individual ingredients which are employed by Boogie to make “The World’s Greatest Compost Tea”.

If you are SERIOUS about brewing tea, and you want to try to save even more money on our already sensibly-priced “Bulk Granola” style products, (BOOGIE-BASE©, BOOGIE-BOOST© & BOOGIE-BREW PRO© Duo-Packs), then you now have the ultimate choice in “Open Source” tea-supplies:



We are proud to offer both commercial-scale farmers & hobby-level brewers alike with the opportunity to purchase the very same highly-valued individual tea ingredients that we already source from our own vendors.


Highest Quality Fertilizers

For more than 35 years, Down to Earth has been using high quality organic ingredients to make our blended fertilizers, soil amendments, potting soils and composts. Our all natural fertilizers are carefully blended from the best sources of organic plant nutrients in the ideal proportions without the use of synthetics. growth stimulants or low quality fillers like poultry waste. We take pride in offering only the highest quality ingredients, which help provide an effective and environmentally friendly approach to plant care, crop fertilization and soil management.



DTE Organic Fertilizer Blends

Down To Earth utilizes high quality material inputs that meet or exceed the standards set forth by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) and that are approved for use in organic crop production. Most are currently listed on the OMRI Products List or CDFA Organic Input Materials List. Please note the “OMRI” and “CDFA” logos throughout the catalog that identify which products have been reviewed to determine that they are NOP compliant. Certified organic operators are encouraged to check with their organic certifying agent to determine if any given product is acceptable before purchase, application and inclusion in their organic farm plan. Find out more about OMRI and CDFA.


DTE Biological Products

FUNGI & BENEFICIAL BACTERIA “Mycor” – “rhiza” literally means “fungus” – “root” between the plant and root fungus. These specialized fungi colonize plant roots and extend far into the surrounding soil. Mycorrhizal fungal systems are more effective in nutrient and water absorption than the roots themselves. Over 95% of the world’s plant species form relationships with Endo or Ecto Mycorrhizae and require the association. The mycorrhizal products we offer contain the most diverse and effective strains of mycorrhizae available anywhere. All Down to Earth Mycorrhizal Products are MycoApply Certified.,



Ecologically Based Packaging

Protecting the environment is an imperative part of the Down to Earth philosophy so, since 1997, we’ve packaged our fertilizers in 100% recycled paperboard boxes. The boxes are unbleached and printed with plant based inks. The box is so completely recyclable it can even be shredded and added to your compost pile! Our soil and compost bags can be also recycled at most community recycling centers for further use in various post-consumer applications

recycling box